Who We Are

Team of experts in communication and collaboration

CentralTouch Technology was established in 2000 with a mission to create a better way to service and support customers with a real time, multi site, and multi media contact centre. A solution that takes advantage of advanced Internet Technology that is accessible, affordable, realistic, and user friendly for Small to Mid Size manufacturers and software developers of of technology based products and services.

CentralTouch Technology is one of the pioneers in advanced communication and real-time collaboration technologies. CentralTouch has several patents in the real-time and system automation subjects and has utilized its knowledge and know-how to create one of the most flexible IoT platforms in the market.

CentralTouch has a world-class management team with extensive senior level leadership experience. Their international experience provides CentralTouch with the opportunity to exploit the global market.

News and Press Releases

Visit CentralTouch at MWC 2017 in Barcelona, Spain. CentralTouch will present its latest IoT Solutions at the Mobile World Conference.

CentralTouch IoT @ MWC2017
CT WebRTC Presentation
CT IoT Presentation

CentralTouch extends Unified Communication Contact Centre functionalities through WebRTC to Midsize and Enterprise Businesses using next generation Ingate Companion WebRTC & SIP gateway and SBC

CT + InGate 2015
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CentralTouch extends Unified Communication Contact Centre functionality with WebRTC to midsize and enterprise businesses using Dialogic XMS Media Server

CT + Dialogic 2015

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