CT IoT Platform

Intelligent, Secure, Interoperable IoT Platform

* End to End Secure communication

All communication is encrypted using standard algorithms.

* Smart Connectivity

Foundation for seamlessly and securely connecting Sensors, Things , Devices, Services, Processes and People.

* On-Demand Business

Allowing the users to access and interact with subscribed services.

* Management, Plug-in for Vertical Markets

Customizable Management UI for real-time node management.

* Presence

Foundation for any entities for publishing and subscribing any capability, state, location, status, and availability.

* Business Intelligence Analytics, Prediction, and Dashboard view

Capturing and collecting events and data from various sources and turning them into action and intelligence at the edge.

Additional advantages.

Reliable Cloud-Based Design

Open Architecture

Secure Communication Platform

Competitive Price

Vertical Plug-ins

Mobile Enabled

CT IoT Components

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